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LETS SHARE!!!I want to share with you guys some websites which as my routine to surf  them each week for some inspirations to gain more knowledge about photography and art.


This website contain a lot of digital and graphic design, which need your total professional skills in adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator and others art knowledge, but for me…..this is a cool website, i recommend this website for you guys to get some inspiration, personally…i don’t have enough skills for this kind of level.hohoho..


Contain a lot of updates about cameras and also tutorials,which kind of good i think for a beginner or for those who want to begin learning about DSLR. Each week the administrator will give updates and news if you register on this website.


You can find a lot of photoshop tutorials in this website for a basic or advance editing especially in photo editing.


A website which contain a lot of tips and trick in photography in all kinds of level.


A website to make people like me feel jealous until the end of my life to see this kind of wedding shots!!!!demmit!!!hahaha…….” when can i get shots like this….erm….wondering”

Hope you guys enjoy it……have a great day…..tada…


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December 15, 2009 at 10:34 pm

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