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April 2010 Wallpaper

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I’m so sorry for not updating this blog for about 3 weeks. There were a lot of stuff i have to settle up. But i come back with this post. Like i promised before, i’ll give free wallpaper each month and i’ll never break that promise.

For April 2010 wallpaper, i come up with a simple landscape shot, a shot that actually breaking the rule of third. Rule of third is actually a simple rule in photography to guide you so that a picture look balance in the frame of your shot. I’ll explain just a ‘little bit’ about this rule because i think most of you already know about it. Basically you need to imagine like in a frame there were 9 small rectangles OR 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines.

For a landscape shot, to apply this rule, normally photographer fill up 2/3 of the frame (6 boxes) with ground or land and other 1/3 (3 boxes) of the frame with sky. Instead, in this shot, i did the exact inverse of it. “Rules were made to be broken”, a clichĂ© statement. But, don’t break this rule if you don’t even understand totally about the rule. The question is ” Why i did something like that?”. You don’t break the rule just to have fun with no purpose. I did break the rule to add some impact to the shot. I want to show the gigantic group of the cloud, the movement or direction of the cloud. You can see that the cloud move like a curve to the left. If i apply the rule of third in this shot, you will not get the chance to see the direction of the cloud.

All right, back to the topic, remember about the “Cliff Hunting Trip” in my previous post? This wallpaper is actually one of my shots during that trip. The shot was captured around the area of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales. The exact location remain unknown because i just followed the GPS navigator directed to the Coast and i just stopped by to this place on my way to the coast.

So here is the wallpaper according to the resolution of monitor.

1280×800 and 1920×1200

I hope you enjoy the wallpaper and wish you have a great month ahead.

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Written by pandahaccer

March 31, 2010 at 9:15 am

Cliff Hunting Trip 2010

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All right, i’m off for a new trip, i call it…’Cliff Hunting Trip 2010′ around United Kingdom. But the cliffs that i and other 3 friends will be hunting are only around Wales. My main purpose of this trip is just to enjoy and appreciate the nature and learn more about long exposure landscape photography, as UK is quiet famous with their cliffs. So, for 1 week (2nd March-9th March), we all will be arriving each of the destinations below:

London- Manchester-Birmingham-Cardiff-Pembroke-Aberystwyth-Snowdonia-Manchester-London

Of course i’ll share my shots later on =D…so..pray for us for a save journey. Till later…………….

Written by pandahaccer

March 1, 2010 at 10:59 pm