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Cliff Hunting Trip-The End

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I ended up my Cliff Hunting Trip project with this few long exposure shots, captured somewhere in Snowdonia National Park Wales. As my personal experience, i had never seen such a view like this in my entire life. It’s such a calming place, with a big lake surrounded by mountains in front of me, the water itself transparent and i could see clearly small rocks through it, the water surface was so clear and i could see the reflection the mountains on the suface, the air was so refreshing and the moment became more meaningful as i experienced one of the most beautiful sunset in my life.

Those pictures below were captured during the blue hour (a few minutes after complete sunset). Since many people asked me how i got such purple color of the sky, so here i share the secret behind this color. With a normal shot, you will get a picture with dark blue color of sky. But i tried something new, with a combination of ND8, Circular polarizer and Cokin P121M (NDgrad) and shot using bulb mode, the color will mix up and produce such little purple color. If you move the P121M (NDgrad) filter, you will get a normal color of sky. That’s all….and..the best part of playing with filters & long exposure photography is that you will not need much editing process because the color and composition are already there. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Enjoy….

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Cliff Hunting Trip-Snowdonia National Park Wales

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Snowdon is a region in north Wales and a national park of 838 square miles (2,170 km2) in area. It was the first to be designated of the three National Parks in Wales, in 1951. The English name for the area derives from Snowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales at 3,560 ft (1,085m). I arrived there after about 2 hours of drive from Aberystwyth and along the way, you can experience the beautiful landscape of the countryside of Wales.

To be honest, Snowdonia National Park is the most amazing place i have ever been due to the landscapes, the location, the air and also the enjoyment of ride through the National Park. I suggest to anyone who wants to visit Wales, visiting this National Park is a must, you would not regret it. I can guaranty that.

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Cliff Hunting Trip-Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Wales

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You can see clearly that the name of this project is “Cliff” Hunting Trip, but until now, you have not see any Cliff photos from me.hahaha…Actually, based on my trip plan, i’ll capture some Cliff shots in Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales, about 2 hours journey from Cardiff. I arrived somewhere in Pembrokeshire about 3pm and felt so excited to play long exposure photography at a cliff. There is no exact address or postcode of the “main” cliff that i was heading to.( “main” here means like the most interesting cliff there, where tourist always visit because Pembrokeshire has a lot of cliffs along the coast). So i just follow my instinct to get to the cliff. And somehow, i arrived to a place, ‘looks’ like a tourist attraction because there were lots of vehicles and people at that place. I thought that was the correct location of the “main” cliff, unfortunately that was totally the wrong location. It’s actually just a mini jungle with a small lake in it. Then one of my friends asked a local (a granny), the direction to a cliff. She said that we need to walk 20min through the jungle, across the lake, turn right and left..bla bla…and then we will reach the cliff. We walked for God’s sake through the jungle just to find that cliff. After 20min walked, we arrived at……………………………erm…i could say the highest point of view of the lake!!! About 7 meters high from the lake. I looked out for the sea view, where is it?none!! There is no sea near me, not even close!! And this place is totally not a cliff. We were lost in the middle of a jungle!!ohhhh granny, it was all your fault……so i walked back to the parking lot and it took another 20min. Then, after the devastating incident, we asked a young man the direction to the nearest cliff and at that time i don’t even care if i reach the “main” cliff anymore. I just want to find a cliff, any cliff will be fine! After 10min drive finally, at about 5p.m we arrived here, i think only the local know this place.

All the cliff shots was captured using Cokin ND8,Circular Polarizer,Cokin P121M (NDgrad),remote release,tripod,manual mode.

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Cliff Hunting Trip-Landscape Cardiff Wales

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Continue from the last post…My 2nd destination was Manchester. I have no particular landscape shot in Manchester because i was there to rest and have fun with some new photographer friends. Then, the next destination was Cardiff, located in south of Wales. In Cardiff  i visited the Caerphilly Castle and went to the Brecon Beacons National Park. The view of the National Park was simply awesome, like you were standing in the middle of nowhere with the landscape of mountains and hills around you, but it was so cold at the time i arrived there and i could not hold any longer to shot more; i forgot to bring my glove with me and my hand was getting pale.

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April 14, 2010 at 1:08 pm


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Hello guys…maybe most of my friends knew that one of my photos had been used to be the cover of a Swedish novel named ‘O.P.Condor’ and now it has been published on the last October, you can buy it online. The writer’s name is Ricardo Canton Leyton.

You can personally go the homepage at

This is the review of the novel that i had translated it in google translator (i don’t know if the translation is perfectly correct or not):

“Rafael, a young journalist in Chile dictatorship has been caught by the ruling military regime.Despite the opposition movement’s warnings that his life is in danger, he knows too much, he stubbornly refuses to flee the country. It turns out that he rather than he imagined to bear the consequences of his decision.

Thirty years later, the Swedish-Chilean and Helsingborg author Alexander a mysterious package hemlevererat. A package whose content is found to reveal deeply buried secrets in any way with his deceased grandmother at home to do. He decides ultimately to return to Chile in search of more information. What Alexander does not know is that there are some who refuse to see these secrets become known, people are going to do everything in their power to ensure that the truth does not arrive. What he certainly does not have imagined is that they have been waiting for his arrival.

– What really happened with journalist Rafael dictatorship in Chile?

– What did he know?

– What could be so important that it thirty years later still want silenced?

Follow Rafael, Alexander and the other characters in a shattering journey across time and space, through a country’s darkest eras until the present-day consequences for its people.”

Congratulation and well done to Ricardo for this achievement!!=D

p/s: I was not involve in the publication of this book. Only that my photo being used as the cover of the novel.

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December 10, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Design : pandahaccer | production

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A new watermark for all my pictures after this. No more mikaawesome |’s now pandahaccer | production. And..this is the 1st design….


I take this design as my final design:


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October 22, 2009 at 1:37 pm

100 Strangers Portraits Link

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Below is the link to a special photo gallery of my personal project called ‘100 Strangers Portraits Project’.
For more information about the project..please click the link.

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September 26, 2009 at 8:15 am