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Barcelona- La Ramla

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La Ramla is a famous street located in central of Barcelona, very popular among both tourist and the local people. This 1.2 km street is very well known among the tourist due to the rare and amazing  streets performers that i, myself never seen such street performers like that. Along the street you can find a lot of souvenir shops with a reasonable price, but be careful, because this street is one of the prime place for pickpockets. Basicly, you can find anything here.

I did not get the chance to shot all the streets performers because it’s getting dark ( i arrived here like about at 17:00), so i enjoyed the performance myself. So here are a few pictures of them. At that night, i saw a street performer who dress up like a tree!!It’s really amazing….the full dress was in green and moved slowly like it’s being blown by the wind. At the same night, that’s the first time i went to a market which full of fresh meals and fruits!!Once you see the fruits, it’s like you want to eat all of them there… seriously. Boqueria Market ……….

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February 16, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Neu Camp Stadium of Barcelona

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2nd day of the trip, our first destination was Neu Camp Stadium of Barcelona because most of us are football fans, and i’m Barcelona fan, and therefore it’s compulsory to visit this stadium. It’s the most largest stadium in Europe which has a capacity of 98,787, and the tenth largest in the world. Arriving the front gate of the stadium, our first aim was to find the fan shop to buy some souvenirs and i would say the fan shop quite big and very welcoming, you can find almost everything here like jersey, posters, magnet etc. and i bought a cool mini ball of Barcelona with the signature of each players on it.

big poster of FC Barcelona in the Fan Shop

If you are one of Barcelona fans, going to the Neu Camp Tour is a must! But then, the ticket price is quite expensive, about 18 Euro per person if i’m not mistaken, on the bright side, you can get in the stadium and see yourself the changing room ( sadly you are not allow to get in the HOME side changing room ), the field, the VIP stand, and also museum of FC Barcelona, where the history of the football club being displayed.

Trophies of FC Barcelona

Total time taken to finish the tour was about 3 hours and personally i have to admit that it’s not worth-it for 18Euro because you cant’ get in the HOME side changing room. Maybe it should be like 12Euro or something like that because as a football fans, having an opportunity to watch yourself the HOME side changing room means a lot! Our next destination was La Ramla Street……………………………….


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Barcelona, a well known City in Europe and really famous as one of the most attractive tourist attraction in Europe, famous because of their legendary architect Antoni Gaudi who design Park Guell, Sagrada Familia and some other odd, creative i admit and cool architecture buildings around here. And of course not forgotten, Barcelona is also famous with the Football Club of Barcelona. Actually, there are so many place you can go here, like Olympic Stadium, Poble Espanyol, Torre Agbar, The Montserrat and others.

I was there in Barcelona on a 2weeks trip around Spain and Portugal last December 09 with a group of 5 people including me. Our destinations were Barcelona-Madrid-Granada-Cordoba-Sevilla-Lisbon-Porto. In the next post, i would like to share my stories and experiences during the whole trip, starting from Barcelona.

For some general informations, you really need to be careful when you travel in Barcelona or Spain, i mean..REALLY REALLY careful because there are many, i would say, professional pickpockets around here, it’s like a JOB for the people here. When we were just arrived to our  hotel in Barcelona, the owner (boss) himself warn us to be careful here, don’t put your wallet in the back pocket but put it in front or in your jacket’s pocket, don’t try to show off your stuffs like cameras, video-cameras and mobile phone because those are the things that catch their attention, most importantly,don’t even dare to walk alone!!!walk in group instead. Luckily for us, nothing bad happen to us for the whole trip. For a tourist, you don’t need to worry about language barrier here because they can speak and understand English well. That’s about the people in Barcelona and about the foods, for Muslims, i think there is no problem to find halal food here (there are a lot of  Halal Shop along the La Ramla Street). About the public transport, the Metro System is enough to get you around the city, the metro trains are really punctual, fast, effective and cheap.

About the picture above, it’s just a picture of a streets in Barcelona, near the area of  Palaca Catalunya, La Ramla Street ( i’ll explain about this awesome street later ), and to be exact in front of FC Barcelona Fans Shop. Here was where the beginning of our tour around Barcelona City Centre on the 2nd day of the trip. I personally on purpose, did not want to freeze the movement of the vehicles by increasing the shutter speed, or panning the shot because i think the blur or motion of the cars can give better impact on the picture. About the tone, i use a nostalgic tone to bring up the memories back once i see this picture.

More story come in the next post, have a nice day.

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February 15, 2010 at 1:03 pm

Autumn Fever

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Setelah lbh kurang setahun setengah main camera…berape keping je muke aku de dlm camera ni..hahahaha…so..this time..some shots dimane action aku dlm pic ni terpapar..hahaha..

Perjalanan ke Wertwissen Park Heilbronn dgn matlamat nk shot autumn since autumn dah nk abes & nk shot something utk di print memandangkn cuaca memihak kpd aku..hehe..cerah de limited time utk shot..dlm 1jam 2..aku cm tertekan n xde idea nk shot.hahaha…setelah give up…aku pn serahkn la camera 2 kat kwn aku si koboi utk suro die amek pic aku plak..asek pic org lain je… kami combine..

This time…the editing style little bit different…it’s JUST 1 CLICK editing(kes ni berlaku bile aku malas or bz)…hahaha..paham2 la ye…lightroom preset!!haahahhaha







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November 4, 2009 at 6:13 pm

10 Minutes Candid in Dubai Airport

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This are some shots that i managed to capture during my transit in Dubai Airport on my way back to Germany from Malaysia last month. Unfortunately i just managed to shot candid only in 10 minutes.





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October 17, 2009 at 11:30 am

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Perhentian Island Trip 2009

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Another legendary trip was organized by me on 13th-16th August 2009 to Perhentian Island,Kuala Besut,Malaysia and 15 cool,funny and amazing friends join this trip.The journey took us about 11hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and the route that we took was:
Kuala Lumpur-Kuantan-Kuala Terenganu-Kuala Besut.
It was a fun journey from Kuala Lumpur but a really really really super long journey.hahaha….
After all…it’s one of the awesome trip I ever had!!

Anyone who wants to have a vacation on this Island..i have the contact number for the resort included package:

Name:Shamsiah bt Rani

Resort:Fauna Resort(located on the big Perhentian Island)

Phone Num.:+60199356990

Price: 280RM/360RM

I took this list from the blog of one of the member that join this trip…..hehe…..(Tanggang)

p/s: sorry rembat ko pnye sbb aku mls nk wat list sndr..hahahaha

Sepintas lalu mengenai mereka yg telah menyertai trip ini

1)toko muke buruh binaan

2)mohdi gergasi yg suka topless

3)sey jurugambar penyebar demam

4)koboi sang gitaris yg penuh penghayatan

5)odeng yg berimej ramli sarep

6)pa jejake rebutan ikan2 ayer masen dan tawar

7)apis abg hensem berbaju Lacoste

8)suraya yg hyperaktiv di darat dan laut

9)mustaqim si macho yg terlalu risau lemas

10)alep si gelap yg sudah berani mandi laut

11)amy kononnya rakan baik fauziah gaous

12)afgan yg obses terhadap artis korea

13)pojie jejake jawe berbadan tough

14)siti semak wanita bercitarasa tinggi

15)tanggang si besar yg berkeyakinan tinggi






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August 28, 2009 at 5:34 pm

Zulhelmi & Zarith Wedding

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Hello….on the last 8th August 09..i got the chance to shot my friend’s wedding (Zulhelmi & Zarith) as my first experience. They are both also Malaysian Students in Germany and they hired a well known Photographer,Razali a.k.a Ayie,which is also my friend… their Official Photographer.So i took this opportunity to learn a little bit on how to shot a wedding from Ayie and it’s such a great experience!!There are also two other great photographers joining us in this session….Faiz and Azam a.k.a redcili.Thanks to you guys for such a great time!!!hehehe…

Date:8th August 2009

Location:Batu Pahat,Johor,Malaysia.










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August 28, 2009 at 10:35 am