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Cliff Hunting Trip-Landscape England

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I’m so sorry for so long not updating this blog with photos. In this post i’ll share the landscape photos during my Cliff Hunting Trip around UK and my 1st destination was London. Yeah…There is no cliff in London, but i got the chance to snap some landscape shots around London…not much….but more to come when i write in the next post.

How to get the above shot?

My equipments were Tokina 11-16mm combined with COKIN ND8,NDG (P121M) and Circular Polarizer. At lowest ISO and by using manual mode, i set the shutter ( bulb ) and aperture to get the correct exposure. For this shot, i think it’s about 40sec shutter speed. And how i got such purple sky? It’s actually not from editing process in photoshop but actually because of the long exposure with the combination of NDGrad (Grey) of P121M filter. The color is actually fresh from camera.

And for this shot, it’s actually simple, move all your filters in front of the lens, even the UV filter to avoid the dirty flair around the star effect. By using manual mode, set the aperture to the smallest opening of 22 or 16, then set the shutter speed to get the correct metering ( normally about a few sec ). Then set to the lowest ISO value possible and don’t forget a tripod. For a better result, use remote release or timer to avoid vibration of your camera.

More pictures in Flickr

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April 12, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Cliff Hunting Trip 2010

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All right, i’m off for a new trip, i call it…’Cliff Hunting Trip 2010′ around United Kingdom. But the cliffs that i and other 3 friends will be hunting are only around Wales. My main purpose of this trip is just to enjoy and appreciate the nature and learn more about long exposure landscape photography, as UK is quiet famous with their cliffs. So, for 1 week (2nd March-9th March), we all will be arriving each of the destinations below:

London- Manchester-Birmingham-Cardiff-Pembroke-Aberystwyth-Snowdonia-Manchester-London

Of course i’ll share my shots later on =D…so..pray for us for a save journey. Till later…………….

Written by pandahaccer

March 1, 2010 at 10:59 pm