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Hello guys…maybe most of my friends knew that one of my photos had been used to be the cover of a Swedish novel named ‘O.P.Condor’ and now it has been published on the last October, you can buy it online. The writer’s name is Ricardo Canton Leyton.

You can personally go the homepage at

This is the review of the novel that i had translated it in google translator (i don’t know if the translation is perfectly correct or not):

“Rafael, a young journalist in Chile dictatorship has been caught by the ruling military regime.Despite the opposition movement’s warnings that his life is in danger, he knows too much, he stubbornly refuses to flee the country. It turns out that he rather than he imagined to bear the consequences of his decision.

Thirty years later, the Swedish-Chilean and Helsingborg author Alexander a mysterious package hemlevererat. A package whose content is found to reveal deeply buried secrets in any way with his deceased grandmother at home to do. He decides ultimately to return to Chile in search of more information. What Alexander does not know is that there are some who refuse to see these secrets become known, people are going to do everything in their power to ensure that the truth does not arrive. What he certainly does not have imagined is that they have been waiting for his arrival.

– What really happened with journalist Rafael dictatorship in Chile?

– What did he know?

– What could be so important that it thirty years later still want silenced?

Follow Rafael, Alexander and the other characters in a shattering journey across time and space, through a country’s darkest eras until the present-day consequences for its people.”

Congratulation and well done to Ricardo for this achievement!!=D

p/s: I was not involve in the publication of this book. Only that my photo being used as the cover of the novel.

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December 10, 2009 at 2:05 pm