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Neu Camp Stadium of Barcelona

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2nd day of the trip, our first destination was Neu Camp Stadium of Barcelona because most of us are football fans, and i’m Barcelona fan, and therefore it’s compulsory to visit this stadium. It’s the most largest stadium in Europe which has a capacity of 98,787, and the tenth largest in the world. Arriving the front gate of the stadium, our first aim was to find the fan shop to buy some souvenirs and i would say the fan shop quite big and very welcoming, you can find almost everything here like jersey, posters, magnet etc. and i bought a cool mini ball of Barcelona with the signature of each players on it.

big poster of FC Barcelona in the Fan Shop

If you are one of Barcelona fans, going to the Neu Camp Tour is a must! But then, the ticket price is quite expensive, about 18 Euro per person if i’m not mistaken, on the bright side, you can get in the stadium and see yourself the changing room ( sadly you are not allow to get in the HOME side changing room ), the field, the VIP stand, and also museum of FC Barcelona, where the history of the football club being displayed.

Trophies of FC Barcelona

Total time taken to finish the tour was about 3 hours and personally i have to admit that it’s not worth-it for 18Euro because you cant’ get in the HOME side changing room. Maybe it should be like 12Euro or something like that because as a football fans, having an opportunity to watch yourself the HOME side changing room means a lot! Our next destination was La Ramla Street……………………………….

Schweinberg Foggy Hunt

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Hello!!!!!slmt menyambut winter utk sesape yg mengalami musim paling kritikal & x best ni..hahaha

Anyway..this time…sesi upload pic2 aku pg Schweinberg a.k.a Bukit Babi bersame Jon dgn misi kali ni nk shot kabus2 yg begitu teruk kat sini.Semalam..aku sempat usha shot2 org lain psl kabus giler!!siap de layer2 kabus.Aku ingt kat sini bleh dapat gak kot shot cm 2 sbb asik berkabus je lately ni.Last2..smpai puncak Bukit…langit pn kabus skali..xde beza sngt..flat je smua..kabus smpai ke langit.aiyoooo…tension 2 bangun awal2..kabus go for plan B..which is..pakai cokin filter natural grad(P121M) and with White Balance utk dapat langit biru biru+ grey..some kind of purple color comming out!!!!to make it more visible…do some editing in photoshop from RAW file!Then other plan was…shot simple..break the Rule of Third!!!so…please enjoy the shot..just some simple shots.







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October 30, 2009 at 7:11 pm

Zulhelmi & Zarith Wedding

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Hello….on the last 8th August 09..i got the chance to shot my friend’s wedding (Zulhelmi & Zarith) as my first experience. They are both also Malaysian Students in Germany and they hired a well known Photographer,Razali a.k.a Ayie,which is also my friend… their Official Photographer.So i took this opportunity to learn a little bit on how to shot a wedding from Ayie and it’s such a great experience!!There are also two other great photographers joining us in this session….Faiz and Azam a.k.a redcili.Thanks to you guys for such a great time!!!hehehe…

Date:8th August 2009

Location:Batu Pahat,Johor,Malaysia.










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August 28, 2009 at 10:35 am


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On the last 28th July 09, i had a simple 1 hour photoshot with 2 of my friends which both are guitarist.So..we were having a great time during the photoshot which located at Flein,Germany.The gears i used are Nikon D300 with Tokina 11-16mm f 2.8 lens and a COKIN P121M filter to bring up the blue sky during the bright day.So..enjoy the shot and the moment.

You can see more picture in my flickr page.








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August 27, 2009 at 5:08 pm