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May 2010 Wallpaper

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May wallpaper is here for all of you to download it for free. This time i come up with a really simple shot and concept to welcome the coming of Spring season. Just click HERE to download or click on the above picture to see in large and download.

I wish you enjoy the season of Spring this year and have a nice month ahead. ūüėÄ

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May 1, 2010 at 11:21 am

April 2010 Wallpaper

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I’m so sorry for not updating this blog for about 3 weeks. There were a lot of stuff i have to settle up. But i come back with this post. Like i promised before, i’ll give free wallpaper each month and i’ll never break that promise.

For April 2010 wallpaper, i come up with a simple landscape shot, a shot that actually breaking the rule of third. Rule of third is actually a simple rule in photography to guide you so that a picture look balance in the frame of your shot. I’ll explain just a ‘little bit’ about this rule because i think most of you already know about it. Basically you need to imagine like in a frame there were 9 small rectangles OR 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines.

For a landscape shot, to apply this rule, normally photographer fill up 2/3 of the frame (6 boxes) with ground or land and other 1/3 (3 boxes) of the frame with sky. Instead, in this shot, i did the exact inverse of it. “Rules were made to be broken”, a clich√© statement. But, don’t break this rule if you don’t even understand totally about the rule. The question is ” Why i did something like that?”. You don’t break the rule just to have fun with no purpose. I did break the rule to add some impact to the shot. I want to show the gigantic group of the cloud, the movement or direction of the cloud. You can see that the cloud move like a curve to the left. If i apply the rule of third in this shot, you will not get the chance to see the direction of the cloud.

All right, back to the topic, remember about the “Cliff Hunting Trip” in my previous post? This wallpaper is actually one of my shots during that trip. The shot was captured around the area of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales. The exact location remain unknown because i just followed the GPS navigator directed to the Coast and i just stopped by to this place on my way to the coast.

So here is the wallpaper according to the resolution of monitor.

1280×800 and 1920×1200

I hope you enjoy the wallpaper and wish you have a great month ahead.

More pictures in Flickr

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March 31, 2010 at 9:15 am

March 2010 Wallpaper

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Here we go….free calender wallpaper for March 2010 and this time, it’s a Silhouette shots of sunset during my visit to Spain. This picture was captured from the Garden of Generalife, viewed the landscape of Sierra Nevada mountain. but the building in this photo is not the Alhambra!!

The Palacio de Generalife was the summer palace and country estate of the Nasrid sultans of Granada.¬†The palace and gardens were built during the reign of Muhammad III (1302-1309) and redecorated shortly after by Abu I-Walid Isma’il (1313-1324).¬†The complex consists of the Patio de la Acequia (Court of the Water Channel or Water-Garden Courtyard), which has a long pool framed by flowerbeds, fountains, colonnades and pavilions, and the Jard√≠n de la Sultana (Sultana’s Garden or Courtyard of the Cypress).¬†The former is thought to best preserve the style of the medieval garden in Al-Andalus.

Originally the palace was linked to the Alhambra by a covered walkway across the ravine that now divides them. The Generalife is one of the oldest surviving Moorish gardens. The present-day gardens were started in 1931 and completed by Francisco Prieto Moreno in 1951.

So here is the wallpaper according to the resolution of monitor.

1280×800 and 1920×1200

I hope you enjoy the wallpaper and wish you have a great month ahead.

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February Wallpaper

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All right, as promised starting from this month i’ll upload a wallpaper per month,for all¬†visitors¬†here for free!!which is from the best shot of the¬†previous¬†month. My main purpose is actually to keep my momentum up and polish my skill which i think this is one of the fast way and of course to let my visitors enjoy a new wallpaper each month with a CALENDER in it.

Back to the main point, this month i’ll share my landscape wallpaper,which been captured during my winter trip to Sevilla Spain last December 2009. The name of the bridge is Puenta de Triana de Sevilla which is one of the main bridge in Sevilla ( there are a lot of bridge here, you’ll be amaze if you come visiting here ). Shot was taken during sunset and the real shot actually exactly like this one, just a minor treatment was done to keep the the picture clean. The history behind of this bridge i can’t really find it in the internet.

Here is some info about the Triana Town which being connected to the Sevilla City by Puenta de Triana Bridge (I think so):

Triana is a neighborhood in the city of Seville, Spain, across the river Guadalquivir from the center, and in fact the majority, of the city. Triana shares what is effectively an island (sitting between two arms of the Guadalquivir except for a narrow strip to the north where it is canalized under the ground) with Los Remedios to the south and La Cartuja to the north. The island is also named Isla de la Cartuja, and has been home to human settlement since before the Romans colonized Hispalis (Seville).

Traditionally, residents of Triana consider the neighborhood to be an entity separate from the rest of Seville, as a result of its popular sense of identity. In reality, Triana forms an integral part of Seville, its culture, and its tradition.


so…here we go..the overview of the wallpaper, just click on it and you can download it (size:1200×800 & 1900×1200). or HERE. If the wallpaper does not match your monitor’s resolution please tell me.
Enjoy!!!have a great month!!

You can enjoy more pictures in my flickr

New Simple Project!!!

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Hello….i have a good news for all my friends who visit my photoblog here.

What is it???Want to know???jeng jeng jeng ( long silent )…..

Starting on February 2010, you can download free wallpapers based on my photography for each month in this site!!

All the wallpapers will be originally from my work and it’s actually the best shot of that month.

So…wait for it

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January 18, 2010 at 7:34 pm